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Opening Films
Sponsored by Portmagee Whiskey

Portmagee Whiskey are delighted to be sponsoring this years Opening Film Ceremony.  Join us in the Portmagee Community Centre at 7pm on May the 4th to toast the inaugural May the 4th Sci Fi Film Festival with a glass of Portmagees finest.  Admission is free but seats are limited so its important to book your tickets below.  Directors of the films will be there for Q&A's after the screenings  and members of the 501st Ireland Garrison will be there in full costume.  

We look forward to seeing you on the night!

The Last Padawan Official Poster.jpg


Directed by Michael Fitzgerald

An Imperial Base Station is attacked by a battleship and haunting PTSD within its ranks.

Running Time 20:00

Origin: Ireland

The Last Padawan II

Directed by Jesper Tønnes

After the destruction of the Jedi Order a lost Jedi Padawan travels the galaxy protecting the future of the Jedi order. Hunted by the evil Empire, and the sinister Inquisitors, the Padawan is now trapped on the planet Dantooin. Only with the help of local rebels will he have a chance of escape, but can the desperate Rebels actully be trusted?

Running Time 50:00

Origin: Denmark

The Space Western of the Southwest

Directed by Eric Patrick Cameron

​These are the local stories from Dingle, Ireland about the filming of Star Wars throughout the southwestern peninsula. How did one of the biggest movies impact one of the smallest towns?

The film features a new, exclusive interview with Star Wars director and two-time Academy Award nominee Rian Johnson

Running Time 35:00

Origin: USA/Ireland

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