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Welcome to the May the 4th Sci Fi Film Festival

Welcome to the May the 4th Sci-Fi Film Festival! Prepare to embark on an intergalactic journey filled with wonder and excitement as we showcase a stellar lineup of films made by incredible independent filmmakers from around the world. From daring space adventures to heartwarming tales of extraterrestrial encounters, our program offers something for every science fiction enthusiast. Best of all, admission is free of charge, and our films are family-friendly, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all ages. Join us at Echo One, our venue located in Portmagee Village, where the magic of cinema meets the boundless possibilities of the cosmos. Explore the universe with us on May the 4th!

Official Opening Films
Treble Bill -Friday May 3rd at 8pm 

The Lost Relic.jpg

The Lost Relic

While the Rebellion celebrates its victory on the moon of Endor, the symbols of the imperial oppression are fading away. But one of them has survived...

Directed by Clément Labarre & Pierre Labarre

Running Time 13:54


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Star Wars Rendezvous 1.jpg

Star Wars

A pair of do-gooders attempt to protect a young force-sensitive girl from the Empire and other denizens of the galaxy.

Directed by Brent L Peterson

Running Time 19:55


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An X-Wing Story

Wingman – an X-Wing Story is a 50-minute-long actionfilm set in the well-known fictional world of Star Wars. It tells the story of a squadron of rebel pilots on a mission to intercept an imperial shuttle and capture the important officer the ship is transporting to a nearby Star Destroyer. But within the first few minutes of what should be a routine hit-and-run operation, it becomes obvious that Ross Bogg, the “new guy” among the rebel pilots, carries a heavy load of personal trauma. 

Directed by Michael Koepff

Running Time 50:00


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Program 1
Saturday May the 4th at 10:00


All programs are free of charge, no need to book

Sci Fi Program 2
Saturday May the 4th at 12:00