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The Nominees

The full list of nominees for the 1st May the 4th Sci Fi Film Festival Awards.  The award ceremony will be held in the magnificent Royal Hotel on Valentia Island, County Kerry in Ireland on Saturday May the 6th at 7pm.  Tickets for this years awards ceremony can be booked by clicking the link below.  Tickets are available to not just nominees but to all overs of independent film making

Dark Cell.jpg
Dark Cell.jpg

Dark Cell

Best International Short Film - Produced by Jean Michel Tari

Best Director - Jean Michel Michel Tari

Best Actor - Alain Figlarz

Best Actress - Juliette Tresanini 

Best Cinematographer - Jean-Baptiste Rière

Best Editor - Jean Michel Tari

Best Visual Effects -  Jean Michel Tari & Elie Akoka

Best Score - Siegfried Canto

Best Production Design - William Abello & Jean Michel Tari

Best Costume Design - Chouchane Tcherpachian

The Last Padawan II

Best International Feature Film - Produced by Produced by Nina Frifelt & Jesper Tønnes

Best Director - Jesper Tønnes

Best Actress - Lisa Otto 

Best Cinematographer - Anders Lindved

Best Score - Jonas Frederik

Best Visual Effects - Jesper Tønnes 

Best Production Design - Asbjørn Goodvin Hansen

Best Costume Design - Asbjørn Goodvin Hansen

The Last Padawan Official Poster.jpg


Best Irish Short Film - Micheál Fitzgerald

Best Director - Micheál Fitzgerald

Best Actress - Carolyn Bracken

Best Cinematographer - Billy Cummings

Best Editor - Billy Cummings

Best Score - Brian Lane

Best Visual Effects - William Bean

Best Production Design -  Micheál Fitzgerald

Star Wars X Wing

Best International Short Film - Produced by Christopher Parks

Best Editor - Christopher Parks

Best Visual Effects - Christopher Parks

Star Wars X Wing.jpg
Dark Cell.jpg
Descendants of Order 66.jpg

Descendants of Order 66

Best Feature Film - Produced by Lars Böhl

Best Director - Lars Böhl

Best Editor - Lars Böhl


Infinitum: Subject Unknows

Best Feature Film - Produced by Tori Butler-Hart and Matthew Butler Hart

Best Actress - Tori Butler Hart

Best Screenplay - Tori Butler-Hart and Matthew Butler Hart

No Disintegrations.jpg

No Disintegrations

Best Production Design - Creative Force Films

Best Costume Design - Honor Santa Croce


Best International Short Film - Produced by Mel Hayward

Best Actor - Steven Powell

Best Screenplay - Jason Gregg

Dark Cell.jpg
Wormhole In The Washer.jpg

Wormhole In The Washer

Best Irish Short Film - Produced by Paireac Keane and James Fagan

Best Actor - Elliot James

Best Screenplay - Paireac Keane

Best Cinematography - Jass Foley

The Dark Odyssey 2
Ice Nexus 

Best International Short Film -  Produced by Michael Lavine

Dark Odyssey.jpg
Real A Ghostbusters Tale.jpg

Real!  A Ghostbusters Tale 

Best Feature Film - Produced by Edoardo Stoppacciaro

Best Screenplay - Valerio Albasini Di Giorgio, Edoardo Stoppacciaro & Cristian Calabretta

Phi 1.618

Best Costume Design - Velika Prahova

Dark Cell.jpg


Best Irish Short Film - Produced by Sean Breatnach

The Space Western of the Southwest

Best Short Irish Film - Produced by Eric Patrick Cameron 

The Space Western Of The SOuthwest_edited.jpg
Dark Cell.jpg
Code 12.jpg

Code 12

Best Feature Film - Produced by Melissa Tittl.

Last Trial
A Star Wars Collateral Story

Best Score - Jake Cadmus

Last Trial.jpg
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